como anunciar em grupos do facebook


Below I outline some of the features of this system and would like you to pay close attention. These details can greatly help you decide to use the tool in your Facebook group engagement processes, which – certainly – will also allow you a huge leap in your results.
It is manageable from any place and device;
Allows the scheduling of posts and comments;
It has exclusive communities of mutual help (Facebook and WhatsApp);
Has training tutorials;
Has complete report;
Allows multiple accounts;
And as a result, it enables increased online financial gain.

Price the product correctly.

It is very common to see sales publications with markedly wrong prices. Worse, some people do not perceive the wrong value and ask questions that are to be hilarious. Avoid this by putting the right price to be sold. In some groups priceless sales publications are excluded and the vast majority of members hate priceless publications. But worse than a priceless publication, it is a publication with an incorrect price. This certainly causes malaise. Always place the right price of the item to be sold.

Caprichar in photos and pictures.

Capriche in the photos trying to pass the details of the product to be sold. Search the internet for tips on how to make a mini photo studio. It’s cheap and it gives a professional touch to the product photos. In almost 100% of cases the photos must be original and there is no chance of paying for professional services to leave the appearance of our products in a top and elegant way. Do it yourself and make your professional photos.

How to advertise on facebook groups

The first and main tip is always, absolutely always, read the rules of the group. It is usually a publication pinned to the top of the group timeline. Here you will find important information about the group, what you can and can not sell, and whether or not you can make sales announcements. Do not take the risk of having the job of making an ad in a group and simply have your post deleted. So, waste a little time and read the group rules carefully before posting your ads.


Offer withdrawal period.

Always offer time for withdrawal of the product. This avoids some unwanted situations. Many times we close with the buyer while a prospect makes a better bid. The initial push is to undo the first deal to close this which is more advantageous. Avoid this not to look like a mercenary salesman and always offer a deadline to the buyer who closed the deal. Once overdue, then look for other interested parties. In addition, many times the person who bought has no time due to the daily tasks of prompt withdrawal. Always negotiate this term so that there is no malaise.

Close business privately.

Always try to close the deal privately, whether through Facebook chat or WhatsApp messaging. By cell phone, via email or any other form of private communication. It is elegant, the prices are negotiated privately and then just tell us that the product has been sold.


Check your Message Requests box.

Facebook has created this box to forward messages that are not considered SPAM, and are also from people who are not in your group of friends. Whenever a person who is not part of this group of friends, when they send you a message, the information will be directed to this box. So, always check this box so you do not lose the sale simply because of lack of knowledge. Always check your Message Requests box.

Everything that concerns the digital world, as we know, is very dynamic and happens quite quickly. It also requires people to be connected to the available software and application resources, for both PCs and tablets and smartphones.
In this way, any tool that allows us to speed up the way we work, “automating” the processes of content generation, should be used to make our routine easier. Imagine you with a work routine that depends, for example, on advertising in 10 groups of Facebook. For each disclosure of this is forced to perform the famous “copy and paste” in each of these groups, separately.


About the Auto Face Program

The program is not considered a tool to make span, it was developed using the API (Application Programming Interface) of Facebook and works perfectly within the rules of use of this social network, when using the program we have no responsibility for the messages you Sends to the groups that participate and not even on your Facebook account, we always suggest creating a Facebook account just to use it in the program but this

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