pompoar na gravidez


As the exercises develop control of the vaginal muscles, they can help her in normal labor, which has increasingly attracted future moms. There are those who believe that it also helps reduce labor time, but where this technique helps more is at the time of expulsion, because the muscles will be more active, stronger and coordinated.

After the birth of the baby, the technique also brings benefits to mothers, who often complain that after a normal birth the muscles become more flaccid, which can also bring problems such as bladder and uterus falls and urinary incontinence. This method can make the vagina less flaccid, make the tonus look better, and help with recovery.

I even found a website, by her name, US, WOMAN, that shapes women so that they can practice pompoarism at home.

Here is a text that I removed from the site mentioned above, which refers to the topic that I want to address more fully.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Pregnancy and childbirth are the main causes and risk factors for MPP weakness. In pregnancy, the higher intra-abdominal weight significantly pressures the MPP by stretching and weakening it, reaching the maximum at the time of natural delivery, as the baby passes through it. The weakening is further aggravated by an episiotomy (an incision made in the perineum – muscle area between the vagina and the anus) to enlarge the birth canal and prevent irregular tearing during the baby’s passage. Other factors are the weight of the baby, the cranial perimeter of the baby, the weight gain of the pregnant woman and if she has already had more than one birth.
Sometimes the weakening effects of PPM appear many years after giving birth. You should not perform preterm abdominal exercises to regain your silhouette until MPP is restored.

Pompoar in pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wondered about the future elasticity and tonus of the muscles in my vagina and even the width that it would reach after passing a child over with the use of episiotomy.

After my research, I found precious information on the subject on the internet.

Prolapses, severe disorders that require surgical intervention
Uterine prolapse, bladder (cystocele) and rectum (rectocele).

Reduction of sexual sensitivity and loss of quality in sexual relations
Caused by vaginal sagging and weakness of MPP. ”


Whether before or after childbirth it is always important to have a follow-up specialist because in some cases, such as patients with dilatation in the cervix, it may be inadvisable. The time to return to practice pompoarismo is usually the same as the doctors give to the mothers to resume the exercises.

The frequency of the training should be daily and the duration of the exercises should vary around half an hour, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 at night. During the day, the teacher recommends that the woman make contractions, that is, tighten and relax the vaginal muscles several times. “With this exercise she will feel the difference, in a few days, for the better,” he says.

Benefits of pompoarismo
Some benefits that pompoarismo presents include:
Greater sexual pleasure, because contractions made during sexual intercourse increase sexual stimulation;
Improved sexual performance in both men and women as the technique strengthens the pelvic floor muscles;
In man, it increases blood pressure inside the penis, boosting erection;
In women, it assists in the treatment and prevention of urinary incontinence, improves sexual function and helps in the treatment and prevention of fecal continence.

Intimate workout
And do not think vaginal gymnastics is out of this world. With a little persistence and training it is possible to stay healthy and surprise the partner with each relationship. “In a four-hour course, the woman learns all the technique, works on self-esteem and clarifies her doubts,” Stella reports.
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